Whey protein smoothie recipe

What is a good whey protein smoothie recipe? I’ve been asked this quite often in the smoothie community. I love using all kinds of protein powders, but whey has been the most popular one so far. I think it is because of how easily it can be incorporated into liquids and smoothies. Most brands are smooth and not grainy. When looking to try a new variety, look for ones with no added sugars. If you want more of a meal replacement… many have extra supplements. Bonus!

whey protein smoothie

One reason I love smoothies is the variations! Every day can be a little bit different with a new fruit, cocoa powder, greens, extracts like vanilla, cinnamon, etc. Keeping the recipes changing has helped me to lose over 80 pounds!

I've been thinking about different ways to use or even increase protein in a whey protein smoothie recipe. Whey usually has about 20-30 grams of protein in each serving. While I’ve been losing weight, I try to keep protein higher.

I had a container of plain, greek yogurt that glared at me every time I opened my fridge begging to be used. I enjoyed the extra tartness that exploded to my mouth! I felt full because of the extra protein from the whey and greek yogurt. My cells were also happy with the nutrients from the blended spinach.

Strawberry Mango whey protein smoothie recipe


1 cup (8oz) 2% Milk

¾ cup (6oz) plain greek yogurt

3/4 cup frozen strawberries

¼ cup frozen mango

1 oz fresh spinach, handful

1-2 ice cubes

1-2 packets of stevia or other sugar free sweetener

1 scoop GNC Lean Shake 25 Mixed Berry

Combine the first seven ingredients in the blender. Blend until smooth. Then add the whey protein. Blend for about 3 seconds. Makes about 2.5 cups

This whey protein smoothie recipe makes a great meal replacement!

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