Will eating Hemp affect my drug test?

by David L Wood
(Buffalo, Texas USA)


How will hemp seeds effect my urine and blood? At work, I am subject to random drug/alcohol screening. Using hemp seeds for protien causes me some concern. Can this practice cause me to fail a random drug/alcohol screening. Looking back when I was a kid, there was nothing I would not try once. For some reason, I never had the opportunity to try drugs or marijuana living in a very small rural community. Later, I attended Texas A & M University as a member of its Corps of Cadets seeking a officer's commission in the Army. During my time at Texas A & M University, I saw a lot from a distant about drugs and alcohol while watching the civilian students. Because of the possibility of jeopardizing my future, I never took the risk with drugs. Since those days, I have heard horror stories from false positives regarding drug/alcohol screening. Especially, about eating food products containing poppy seeds. Needless to say, failing a drug/alcohol screening or getting a Felony DWI or DUI can trash can my career. I set some goals earlier this year for myself. I am trying to make some lifestyle changes. One of the these goals is to eat healthier and reduce my weight. I have recognized earlier this year for the need for protien supplements in my diet. I am still confused as to which is the best way to go. Your time and attention to my question will be appreciated.


David L Wood

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by: DaNae

Hi David!
I understand your dilemma. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of eating hemp because it is connected with so much negativity in your life... you can choose another source of protein. You can choose from whey, pea, and egg white.
If you want to try hemp... rest assured... it will not do anything to your blood work while doing a blood test.

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