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Laiba Jabin NEW
by: Anonymous

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Very good, even at 8:00 am
by: David Arana

Yup, Sunday morning after a long night of work, Dave brought a tall to-go cup of this green lemonade drink to me to help me stay sharp. With less than four hours of sleep I knew it might be tricky to concentrate but this drink helped me stay focused for the four and a half hours I played piano at my church gig that morning. Best of all, it made me not want to walk down to the 7-Eleven for something that would have, no doubt, been much less healthy and not nearly as good as this drink. Ginger, dates, kale; I feel better just thinking about the Green Lemonade but maybe I'll go down the street and have Dave whip up another batch so I can get more of the real thing.

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