Weight Loss Smoothies
That Banish Junk Food Cravings and
Energize Your Body!

Weight loss smoothies have impacted my life in so many ways. I had gained 65 pounds from my first pregnancy on my "organic" processed food diet. My self-esteem and confidence was crumbling around me. My energy levels ran on low even though I am in my twenties.

I remember when I was introduced to the concept of the green smoothie diet at a health food store. A lady was handing out free taste samples of these weight loss smoothies. I used to work at a smoothie bar and the thought of adding greens to smoothies had never occurred to me. It was two years ago when I discovered this amazing drink, and I have had one every day since.

Only 2-3 months after starting my daily habit of the green smoothie, people started to comment on how “radiant” my skin looked and asked how I was losing weight.

Soon, I had to make a printout of tips and smoothie recipes for weight loss and energy to give out to friends and family. I didn’t want them to miss out on such a simple concept.

Not long after that, I started teaching health classes on how to make smoothies. Many of my friends are regularly making smoothies. We have all seen a difference in our health.

I do not crave salty and sweet things like I used too. I feel like the chains of my cravings were released with the key of smoothies. I have lost over 45 pounds and gained soaring levels of energy. I have a better outlook on life. I now prefer to go for a walk instead of watching TV with a bag of chips by my side.

My passion has grown so much for this simple concept that I built this website. I want you to feel the freedom that I am experiencing.

In February of ‘09, I had my second son. Thank goodness I can say that I didn’t gain 65 pounds this time around. I gained only 16 pounds. I lost all of that on delivery day. Even though I didn’t gain a lot of weight, my 9 pound newborn was not lacking in that area.

By 6 weeks post-partum, I was 6 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight! I was not starving myself either. The green smoothies give me so many different nutrients that my body just doesn’t crave the junk.

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