High Calorie - Protein Smoothie Recipes
for Gaining Weight

Using high calorie - high protein smoothie recipes in your weight gaining diet to consume more calories is a step in the right direction as one can certainly drink more calories than can be eaten. There is no doubt that if your goal is to gain weight, then you must of course train with the proper levels of intensity to first stimulate your muscles into growth.

Are protein powders the best option for weight gain?

There are a number of high calorie shakes that provide plenty of calories, protein and, if the ingredients are chosen well with little fat. The old-fashioned powdered supplements did and still do provide reasonable amounts of protein and calories when mixed with milk, bananas, etc. The trend in the past few years is to try to pack in as many calories as possible in the powder so that it can be advertised as "2,000" as opposed to another "1,850" calorie shake.

In order to deliver the number of stated calories, the containers have gotten much larger so that the serving sizes can be accommodated. Common sense dictates that if half a cup of powder delivers 500 calories, you're going to need two full cups in order to get 2,000 calories. To get 3,000, it will be three cups. Gee, that's a lot of powder! The scoops that companies provide are huge, and you have to use a lot of them.

Something to also keep in mind is that intestinal distress and toxicity from undigested protein is a real possibility. People I know that tried these mega calorie drinks had "bad dump" syndrome. They were in the bathroom constantly, bloated, gassy, uncomfortable, and having alternating diarrhea and constipation. Really makes you want to get into the gym and go heavy, doesn't it?

Other smoothie ingredients to gain weight...

A much better way to get the calories is to settle for a reasonable and usable amount of nutrients is to stick to real foods that are high in calories. Some options are milk and egg based protein powders (if they suit your system), skim milk (or alternative), bananas or other fruit, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, etc.

Need to fill your stomach quickly but short of time? Consider making a liquid lunch in the form of a high calorie protein smoothie recipes. You can prepare in double quick time and consume it equally fast too.

Weight Gainer Shake Recipe

Here’s a recipe for a super high calorie smoothie for adults:

- 1 scoop protein powder
- 1 cup of whole milk or alternative
- 1 medium sized banana, frozen
- 1 cup mixed berry vanilla yogurt
- 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil
- 20g almonds, cashews or sunflower seeds

Blend the ingredients together and you have yourself a delicious high calorie shake.

Although, protein smoothie recipes can be a convenient way to get the calories you need to gain weight, they should not make up the bulk of your diet. The foundation of your diet should consist of real foods. If you are struggling with a weak appetite and can't manage to eat enough to gain weight, look at how to increase your appetite, so eating will no longer feel like a chore!

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