Healthy Smoothie Recipes
Ebook Review

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Check out these healthy smoothie recipes in this excellent ebook! Discover how to make smoothies in unique ways. Try a healthy chocolate smoothie recipe or a green smoothie! Or perhaps you just want a simple fruit smoothie recipe.

I found Kristen’s raw-vegan smoothie recipes to be quick refreshing. She calls for healthy smoothie ingredients in all of her recipes.

Some Things I Liked:

She stretched my thinking by using spices and herbs to flavor her smoothies. She shows you exactly how to properly blend spices and herbs to create a masterpiece smoothie.

Concerned about not getting enough protein? She explains how to blend up a complete raw-vegan protein in your smoothie.

Carmel chocolate shake – All I can say... This smoothie recipe had my very excited to pull out my blender.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes Trying to stay away from dairy and other processed alternative milks? Interested in making your own vegan nut milks? Kristen has a nut milk recipe that only takes one minute!

I was also impressed to learn how to make fresh juice without a juicer. Quite interesting. She also has several juicing tips to make the juicing learning curve much easier for those of you new to juicing.

The One Thing I Didn’t Like:

Most, if not all, of her smoothie recipes contain all fresh produce. Personally, I like to create my smoothies ice cold and not lukewarm. If you are the same way, you will have to adjust the recipes and use frozen ingredients instead of fresh ingredients or use ice.

Need more information? Check out Kristen's ebook for yourself!

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