Healthy Smoothie Recipes Created By the Top Experts!

Discover new ways to blend up healthy smoothie recipes. In "Smoothie Recipes for Optimum Health" by Kevin Gianni, there are over 165 smoothie recipes contributed from the top health experts all over the globe!

After reading through many ebooks and different websites, this is the most informational smoothie ebook in the market. This really isn't "just" a recipe book. It is a book covering all aspects on how to make health improving smoothies.

Smoothie Recipes for Optimum Health
by Kevin Gianni

The Highlights:

#1 - All of the the smoothie recipes were dairy and gluten free. 99% of them are totally raw. It is wonderful to find healthy smoothie recipes that I don't need to convert for my son as he is allergic to dairy.

It was awesome to be able to try these recipes completely as they were formulated.

#2 - This book is packed with detailed smoothie instructions and quick and easy tips. On almost every page Kevin has smoothie tips to complement the smoothie recipes. For instance, he explains what Salba, goji water, and other raw super foods are and explains how to use them.

#3 - Smoothie Recipes for Optimum Health is not just a smoothie recipe book. It has terrific combinations for different aliments.

There are smoothie recipes that contain ingredients that may help inflammation, arthritis, digestion, muscles, and bones. These are just to name a handful of the health promoting smoothie ingredients.

#4 - Ever wondered what smoothies the health experts drink on a daily basis? Well... here's your chance!

I was impressed that this book contained all the smoothie knowledge of many top experts in the health field. Some of the contributors are Victoria Boutenko, Dr. Doug Graham, Mike Adams, David Wolfe, Ani Phyo, Matt Monarch, Angela Stokes, Brendan Brazier, Nomi Shannon, and more!

#5 - Kevin not only shows how to make healthy smoothie recipes for people beginning in their smoothie journey, but he also gives experienced smoothie fans new recipe ideas. No matter how long you have been blending... you will find tips or combinations that you've never tried!

The Not-So-Highlights:

#1 - Too many smoothie recipes! It was hard to pick the first recipes to try. :)

#2 - Some of the recipes called for smoothie supplements that I didn't have. So, I substituted for the equivalent ingredient.

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